Welcome To First Internet Site Dedicated To Steven Spielberg's Duel


Welcome to Movie Mopar's Spielberg Duel Site. This internet
site is dedicated to the classic 1971 Film. The film, which starred
Dennis Weaver, was originally made as a CBS TV Movie but was
theatrically released overseas.

In 1983, due to the popularity of Steven Spielberg's E.T., Duel was
re-released in theaters nationwide. Duel was one of Spielberg's
first films, and possibly his most creative. The movie's premise
was simple: a traveling salesman is terrorized by an unknown assailant
driving a derelict truck.

This premise was used again by Spielberg in Jaws, which
the attacker was a great white shark. Duel made studio executives
take notice of the young Speilberg as a talented director. He
created a suspenseful thriller on a small budget.

Duel established Spielberg and many films have been influenced
by it. Possibly the biggest influence was made on the Incredible
Hulk television series. One episode actually spliced in sequences
from Duel and the Valiant/Dirty Truck were used by the characters
of the episode.

The recent Paramount Film Breakdown, which starred Kurt Russell,
was close to being an unofficial remake. The story also was about
a businessman being terrorized by a psychotic trucker.

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