"Steven Spielberg's Duel"
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Old Lady(In Old Car)

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David Mann

"You can't beat me on the grade, YOU CAN'T BEAT ME ON THE GRADE!"
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"Why don't you give me a cheese sandwich... swiss cheese on rye, R-Y-E."
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"Don't.. Don't.. Don't sit on the hood, that hood will dent.
I told the kids not to get on the hood... Just see if you could bounce it loose
and i'll..... ah.... just bounce it loose."

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"Here we go."
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"Oh boy, you're beautiful!"
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"How can he go SO FAST!?!
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"Oh my god."
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"Fill It With Ethyl."
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"David Mann.... M-A-N-N, That's two N's!"
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"Whata... What's That Supposed To Mean?"
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"Alright... O.K. I'll be there."
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"I don't believe it, I don't believe it."
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"There you are, right back in the jungle again."
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"O.K. Lets see 'ya catch me now!"
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"I'm in no mood to play games, let's go!"
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"Come ON!"
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David Mann Laughs As He Passes The Truck
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"Can I Use Your Bathroom, Please.....(etc)"
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Old Man Outside Of Chuck's Cafe

"Just a little whiplash 'is all."
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Little Girl With Bus Driver

Little Girl: "Mr Pfieffer, that man's stuck, too."
Mr Pfieffer: "Shit."
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Old Lady At Gas Station

My Snakes, I've Got To Find My Snakes!"