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Specifications For DUEL Vehicles

David Mann's Plymouth Valiant

Year: 1970
Make: Plymouth
Model: Valiant Custom
Engine: Gasoline 318 cid V8
Price When New: $2800
Top Speed: 116 Mph
Fuel Economy: 16 City/21 Highway
0-60mph: 8.0 seconds
1/4 Mile: 15.9 seconds @ 92 mph
Body Style: 4 Door/6 Passenger
Transmission: Column Shift TorqueFlite 904a 3 Speed Automatic

The Truck 'with some... some SOUPED UP DIESEL'

Year: 1955-1960 Series
Make: Peterbilt
Model: 351
Engine: Cummins NHBS Supercharged 6 Cylinder Diesel
Price When New: $8900(estimate)
Horsepower: 275 Gross @ 2400 RPM
Top Speed: 90 Mph (estimated)
Fuel Economy: 9 mpg city/11 mpg highway (unloaded)
0-60mph: 28 seconds (unloaded)
1/4 Mile: Do you really want to know? Its bad...
Body Style: Conventional Cab/2 passenger
Note: This truck was destroyed in the last scene of the film.

Stunt Truck Diesel (Truck #2 used in Railroad Crossing and Bus Scenes!)
Year: 1962-1969 Series
Make: Peterbilt
Model: 351
Price When New: $11,040 (estimate)
Horsepower: 320 Gross @ 2550 RPM
Top Speed: 95 Mph (estimated)
Fuel Economy: 8 mpg city/10 mpg highway (unloaded)
0-60mph: 25 seconds (unloaded)
Body Style: Revised Cab/2 passenger
Note: This truck was used in the Incredible Hulk episode exclusively. It still survives today. Features: Peterbilt changed their cabs in 1962, the second truck has the later cab. Also the second truck has a round fuel tank under the passenger door, while the first truck had a tool/battery box in that location. Further, the second truck had a different type of air cleaner. Also note, the trailer on the second truck had different wheel openings.