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15 Ways To Tell If You Have Watch DUEL Too Much:

By Brian Gajewski

1. You put a dime into a pay phone to make a collect call.

2. You refer to all truck drivers as 'those miserable meatheads.'

3. You try to push overheated buses with your car.

4. Every time you go to Denny's, you order a Swiss Cheese On Rye... R-Y-E.

5. You tell the attendants at Exxon to 'fill it with ethyl.'

6. You want to go kick Steve Henderson's ass.

7. You drive a red 1970 Plymouth Valiant.

8. You play 'Meat.'

9. You constantly are getting beat up by truckers.... after you knock
a sandwich out of their hand.

10. You would have liked some Ketchup to put on that Swiss Cheese On Rye.

11. Your truck has 6 license plates.

12. You talk to yourself..... sometimes in your wife's voice.

13. You make kids get off your car because 'the hood will dent.'

14. You feel Ralph Nadar should write a book about the dangers of
bad radiator hoses.

15. You have a fetish for cowboy boots.